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Wales Coaching Network - Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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The Wales Coaching Network is a group of coaches and mentors from across the public service in Wales. They offer coaching through an online service on our website to those working in the public and third sector in Wales.


We are committed to supporting a coaching culture that spans organisations working across the Welsh public service. We’ve created this network to pool resources and provide the opportunity for free cross-sector coaching and to support coaches.

Network membership

We aren’t currently recruiting to the Wales Coaching Network. For updates and alerts, subscribe to our mailing list and tick Coaching and mentoring.


As part of our commitment to coaching, we understand the importance of supporting the continuous personal development of our registered coaches.

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For updates and alerts subscribe to our mailing list and tick Coaching and Mentoring

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More information

You can find more about joining the Wales Coaching Network or finding a coach on our website: