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Wales Coaching Network - Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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    Members of the Wales Coaching Network
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    Across Wales
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The Wales Coaching Network is a group of coaches and mentors from across the public service in Wales. They offer coaching through an online service on our website to those working in the public and third sector in Wales.


We are committed to supporting a coaching culture that spans organisations working across the Welsh public service. We’ve created this network to pool resources and provide the opportunity for free cross-sector coaching and to support coaches.

Network membership

Are you employed in the public service or third sector in Wales, a qualified coach and want to provide wider public service / third sector coaching?

We’d love you to join the Wales Coaching Network. This is an opportunity for you to join a network of coaches across Wales, find new coaching opportunities and access training.

Benefits to you

Benefits include:

  • Advertise to coachees from across all Welsh public and third sector organisations
  • Network with other coaches regionally and/or nationally, to get informal and peer support for your coaching activities
  • Participate in collaboratively-organised CPD opportunities across Wales You must be an employee in the public service or third sector in Wales to join the network.

How to apply

Please complete this form if you are employed within the Welsh public service and/or third/voluntary sector, have a coaching qualification, and would like to join the Wales Coaching Network.

Developing supervision expertise

With greater emphasis on coaching across public services, there comes an increased need to ensure that coaches are supported to grow and develop in their roles. Coaching supervision is a key to help manage this and provide quality assurance of coaching, as well as development of good professional practice within the coaching community.

Coaching supervision can be defined as a

“formal process of professional support, which ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice through interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation and the sharing of expertise” (Bachkirova, Stevens and Willis, 2005).

To support meeting this demand, we are looking to deliver a supervision training programme towards the end of this year.

In the meantime there are other ways you could get involved in supervision:

  • If you are delivering in-house supervision training with your coaches within your own organisation you could extend an invitation to fellow coaches on the community network hub to join you which could be reciprocated. Or you could join forces and organise some joint supervision sessions.
  • If you are qualified in supervision and would like to support by providing some supervision sessions please email us at


As part of our commitment to coaching, we understand the importance of supporting the continuous personal development of our registered coaches.

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Learning resources

More information

You can find more about joining the Wales Coaching Network or finding a coach on our website: