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Board Development: Overcoming Corporate Immunity to Change

  • Audience:
    Boards in Welsh public services
  • This course is delivered on demand
  • Duration:
    3 sessions


To be effective as a board level leader, board members must combine self-understanding, insight and authority with an appreciation for the way their behaviour influences and impacts on others . Individuals exercising leadership at this most senior and significant level must find adaptive ways to use the technical tools available to them, those of governance, performance and financial scrutiny whilst working collectively to inspire and challenge those who deliver services on their behalf.

Engaging all board members, executive and independent, the programme addresses the complexities of board level situations, challenges the way boards are inclined to behave and enables the development of individual and collective methods for asking the right questions and making the best decisions.

Benefits to you

If change, quality and excellence is what we aim to achieve in our organisations, how can the Board be exempt?
Baroness Rennie Fritchie

Based on the model developed by Professors Keagen and Lahey at the Harvard Business School on understanding why organisations, teams and individuals are resistant to change. This programme focuses on identifying competing commitments to change at board level, individuals versus collective change and the in-depth understanding needed to lead through the adaptive challenges boards face.

Session 1

Board members will spend time learning about the theory behind the model and applying it to overcoming personal immunities to change, this will be directly linked to the individual feedback provided as part of the first programme in the board development series.

Session 2

Board members will identify organisational immunity(ies) to change and develop an action plan to test and overcome them. The session will focus on both trust and values – examining trust between board members and the strength of relationships on the board, using a combination of strengths based exercises and the interactions between board members identified in programme one to align key values and how these are used to overcome immunities to change.

Session 3 (optional)

Six weeks after Session 2 the board is asked to demonstrate its results, evidencing changes in behaviour, culture and leadership impact and the change in action. What happens next will be committed to and the potential for wider role out through sub-groups or areas of the organisation where Overcoming Immunity to Change would be useful in solving problems.

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Championing innovation and change

Strategic orientation

Target audience

Boards in Welsh public services

How to apply

All enquiries contact Governance and Board Leadership