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We will have a set of public service values and leadership behaviours which guide how we work, change culture and shape the way we behave.

It is about improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being to help us create a Wales that we want to live in now and in the future. It is a way of thinking and behaving – developing a future where we can all work together with a joint purpose, having shared vision and values.

We are at the beginning of a fundamental shift toward more empowered citizens and communities and a more enabling state. How can this shift be nurtured so that the response to the fiscal position is one driven by values, which enable and encourage positive and sustainable change in the delivery of public services?

Developed with staff at all levels of the Public Service and across sector boundaries we are pleased to present the Welsh Public Service Values and Leadership Behaviours. We have responded to staff requests to present this in an attractive and easily accessible way, so that all levels of staff will come to understand what they mean and how they translate into action in the workplace.

The intention is for the values and leadership behaviours poster to begin with a compelling statement as part of the core integrated narrative, bringing together the responsibilities of the Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

Living these values means being autonomous yet accountable, being both brave and bold and creating a culture that is open and transparent where people achieve their potential. The values and behaviours are complementary rather than in conflict with values and leadership behaviours that exist locally for you and your organisations.

We need to create a culture that cuts across organisational boundaries and sectors. Where everyone involved in the delivery of public services in Wales is part of this common endeavour, sharing common values and working together for the benefit of the people of Wales.