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Leading in a Bilingual Country

  • Audience:
    Board-level senior leaders in Welsh public services or third sector/voluntary organisations
  • Date:
    12 March 2020
  • Location:
    South Wales
  • Duration:
    One day


This one-day workshop will help senior leaders become ambassadors for an organisational leadership culture in which the Welsh language can flourish (in line with the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 strategy).

As part of the development of a new model of public service leadership for Wales, One Welsh Public Service, Academi Wales is embarking on a proof of concept for this one-day workshop and, later, a modular programme for leaders in your organisation.

The modular programme is currently under development and will commence in the summer. The evaluation of your workshop will inform its design.

This interactive proof of concept workshop will be co-created in partnership with delegates, our delivery partner Cadenza, and the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Unit.

Benefits to you

Through our framework of leadership behaviours, you will have the opportunity to learn about the current linguistic situation in Wales, and to explore your own ideas and thoughts about Welsh-English bilingualism. Using your own experiences and those of other participants, you will bring to life what benefits and potential challenges may arise when seeking to develop a positive culture of Welsh-English bilingualism in your organisation.

This is for all board level senior leaders, and would be especially beneficial if you are new to Wales or new in your role. The workshop will present real life bilingual situations from the workplace, family and community. It will:

  • Focus on qualities in leadership behaviours required to demonstrate a dedication to English-Welsh bilingualism within your organisation
  • Stimulate discussion of how any Welsh language-English language cultural differences may impact communication
  • Identify personal leadership qualities required for communicating effectively in a Welsh-English environment
  • Develop best practice and practical strategies for effective communication in Welsh-English teams in your organisation

It will not provide training in or interpretation of any aspect of compliance with Welsh language regulations or law.

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Focusing on citizens and quality

Championing innovation and change

Target audience

Board-level senior leaders in Welsh public services or third sector/voluntary organisations. There are limited places available for this opportunity and they are awarded through an application process.


Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.

How to apply

As part of your application you will be required to nominate two further members of your organisation to take part in the modular programme mentioned above.

These individuals should be senior leaders in the organisation and at a level where they have direct input into the organisations future polices and workforce plans.

Apply for a placeclosing date 14 February 2020