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International Learning Opportunities

  • Audience:
    Experienced managers and leaders who are
    permanently employed within the public and voluntary
    sectors in Wales
  • Dates:
    Throughout 2017-18
  • Locations:
  • Duration:
    8 weeks

International Learning Opportunities Brochure PDF 1.19MB
Application deadline: 16 October 2017

Are you ready for the leadership challenge of a lifetime?

The International Learning Opportunities (ILO) programme provides a unique opportunity to spend eight weeks in sub-Saharan Africa working on development projects that are designed to enhance your leadership skills.

Applications are now open

As an international leadership programme, ILO is designed to stretch and challenge your capabilities. The programme offers an immersive experience that involves working with African organisations, leading on specific projects. By taking you out of your comfort zone, it tasks you to work more creatively, increases levels of self-awareness and gives insight into your own personal resilience . The skills and understanding that the programme provides can be invaluable, not only to you as a participant but to your organisation and to Wales.

You can find out what our previous participants have to say about their experiences on the blog.

Leadership roles available

These are the specifications for the roles currently available. Once you have chosen the role you’d like to apply for, please follow the application guidance.

Find the latest opportunities below, for more information click on the placement titles.


Organisation: St Angela’s Cheshire Home for Children with Disabilities PDF 207KB
Project Description: The board of St. Angela is looking for a change manager who will play a key role in ensuring projects (change initiatives) meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage
Location: Ha Seleso, Maseru, Lesotho
Departure date: Autumn 2017

Organisation: Bushikori Christian Centre (BCC) PDF 201KB
Project Description: BCC has a significant role to support a large number of people in the local community and with limited funding and resources this is a huge challenge. It is crucial for BCC to maximise their resources and to encourage strong leadership at every level within the organisation. BCC would value support with how they evolve their teaching programme across the education department including driving up the standards with their management procedures
Location: Mbale, Uganda
Departure date: January 2018

Organisation: Phoenix Project PDF 291KB
Project Description: Development of a Common (“e” and distance) Learning Platform
Location: Namibia
Departure date: February/March 2018 (though with flexibility, could happen Autumn 2017)

Organisation: Thaba Tseka District Education Office PDF 155KB
Project Description: The participant will in conjunction with 4 Welsh teachers on a 6 month placement in Thaba Tseka and the Education Office to develop materials and methods to make this easier for the staff concerned and to provide the students with a more meaningful experience
Location: Thaba Tseka, Lesotho
Departure date: January 2018


Organisation: Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) PDF 205KB
Project Description: As BRDC have identified the need to receive strategic intervention for developing/ improving their social welfare services in the rural communities
Location: Mbale, Uganda
Departure date: Early 2018

Organisation: Combination Placement - Bushikori Christian Centre (BCC) & Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) PDF 206KB
Project Description: BCC and BRDC have identified the need to improve their public health messaging across their rural communities and organisations
Location: Mbale, Uganda
Departure date: January 2018

Organisation: Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board PDF 137KB
Project Description: This project seeks to deliver a series of courses in basic dispensing of medicines to non-pharmaceutical health workers in Quthing District, Lesotho
Location: Quthing Region, Lesotho
Departure date: Autumn/Winter 2017 – early 2018

Organisation: Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board PDF 193KB
Project Description: The assessment and development of pre-hospital and inter-hospital transport and treatment of patients in Quthing, Lesotho
Location: Quthing Region, Lesotho
Departure date: Autumn/Winter 2017 – early 2018


Organisation: Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) PDF 202KB
Project Description: BRDC provide community based training (CBT) which is an integral part of their organisation; they have a small computer centre which is used to teach basic IT skills to the students. BRDC want to be supported with IT literacy throughout the organisation
Location: Mbale, Uganda
Departure date: Early 2018

Policy and delivery

Organisation: Phoenix Project PDF 287KB
Project Description: Research and Innovation System Baseline Audit in support of the University of Namibia
Location: Namibia
Departure date: February/March 2018 (with flexibility on timining)

Organisation: Phoenix Project PDF 288KB
Project Description: Sharing Grant Writing Skills
Location: Namibia
Departure date: February/March 2018 (though with flexibility)

Organisation: Phoenix Project
Project Description: Skill Sharing in Business Plan Production in support of the University of Namibia
Location: Namibia
Departure date: February/March 2018 (with flexibility on timing)


Please find ILO recruitment timetable for application deadlines and interviews:

Date Activity
16 October 2017 Application deadline
25 October Interviews
27 October ILO training day
January 2018 Departure

How to apply

Choose the leadership role you want to apply for and submit your CV and a covering letter to by the closing date.

In addition to our tailored placements, we also encourage general applications from all leaders who are committed to their personal and professional development and who have skills and experience they feel could benefit the programme.

To apply for this programme please submit the following documents:

Please refer to the guidance below before submitting your application:

If successful, you will be invited to interview and assessment.

Wales for Africa

The International Learning Opportunities programme is funded by the Wales for Africa programme and is delivered through Academi Wales and Wales for Africa in association with our approved supplier.

Funded by the Wales for Africa programme, the ILO provides a practical way to support Wales in contributing towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Find out more on the Welsh Government Wales for Africa web pages.

More information

Read the ILO programme frequently asked questions.

Find out more about the costs and benefits of the ILO programme.

What other leaders have to say

Here are some of the many inspiring comments we’ve received from our previous participants:

Steve Davies, Head of Financial Innovation, Welsh Government: 'It was a fantastic experience and one that I would strongly recommend. The programme offers a great opportunity to test your resilience and develop your leadership skills. But in the end, what you put into the programme is dwarfed by what you take out. You meet amazing people doing extraordinary things in barely credible circumstances. There's no other training programme that I know of that offers that kind of exposure, or rewards your participation so richly.'

‘Frustrating, challenging, heart breaking and rewarding – all in equal measure, but ultimately a life changing experience’

‘It has given me a totally different outlook on my life and the lives of others. It has inspired me to embrace change within my own career and to strike out in a new direction.’

‘An opportunity to use your skills and experience in a very different environment and realise that you can make a lasting difference in a short space of time. You then return to your work feeling empowered, confident and revitalised and better prepared to face the challenges.’

‘I loved that there is such an incredible programme where you can use skills to help others in a completely different environment. I very wrongly left thinking ‘I can’t wait to help others’. I was so wrong. It’s so much a more than that. Local people open up your eyes on real issues, they show you trust and respect, they give to you more than you can ever imagine. You make friends.’

‘I will approach my work with a wider perspective and a more diverse outlook, which I believe will also enhance the skills which I have further developed as part of the programme.’