Open to all public and third sector staff in Wales




Mindfulness is about paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose. Mindfulness, in this context, was developed by a clinician, John Kabat-Zinn in the USA and was (and still is) subject to rigorous evaluation.

Mindfulness ‘practice’ is a way of training the mind to increase levels of sustained awareness - of oneself, of others and of the environment. In cultivating this self-awareness we can be more skilful at using our energy – mental, emotional and physical – in a way that increases our inner resources, rather than depleting them.

It offers us different ways of being with colleagues, coachees, partners, friends and family, by loosening our hardwired responses and by following our moment to moment experience. We will see that it is possible to rest in relaxed awareness whilst being present for the important people in our lives.

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore of theory of Mindfulness and take part in guided Mindfulness practice.

Benefits to you

You will be able to:

  • develop keener self awareness so that you can
  • identify, and manage the stressors in your life
  • manage your relationships more effectively
  • present yourself more authentically
  • identify moments in the day when you need, and can create some ‘head space’

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Sharing leadership

Target audience

Open to all public and third sector staff in Wales.


Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.

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