Building Effective Relationships


Open to all public and third sector staff in Wales


Online 1 hour


Our ability to form and maintain effective relationships at work and home is an essential part of our lives and a foundation for success. We all share a basic desire for positive connection with others.

This programme will let you to map your current relationships both at home and work, look at what works and what might be done to make improvements. We will explore the way we speak to others, the differences between the way men and women tend to communicate, and the impact that has on relationships. A number of techniques for building positive relationships will be shared and used in interactive exercises throughout the session.

This is a holistic programme with the focus on benefiting all areas of your life rather than separating work and home.

Benefits to you

You will be able to:

  • create a map of your current relationships
  • identify which of the 5 key values are present in each relationship
  • explore how relationships might be improved
  • recognize the four types of negative interactions that damage relationships
  • understand how women and men may communicate differently and the impact this can have
  • develop more positive relationships using a number of proven techniques

"I face challenging situations/people daily so hearing other’s strategies will add to my toolkit"

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Building collaboration and partnership

Political awareness and skill

Target audience

Open to all public and third sector staff in Wales.


Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.