Board Development: Two at the Top - Leadership Development for Chairs and Chief Executives


Chairs and Chief Executives in Welsh public services

This course is delivered on demand


3 sessions


‘Two at the Top’ Leadership Development for Chairs and Chief Executives is designed to support organisations to work collaboratively on critical service issues as well as enhancing relationships in order to bring out a step change in organisational effectiveness.

Benefits to you

As a pair, the Chair and Chief Executive will be helped to identify specific outcomes from participating in the programme, this will include the exploration of their different roles, the nature of their working relationship and their impact on the wider organisation.

Diagnostic Survey & Action Planning

With the support of experienced facilitators, the pair will take part in a diagnostic survey and action planning activity that is divided into three phases.

Phase 1

A structured telephone interview, focusing individuals on understanding their own role and that of their pair, identifying their personal and joint challenges and surfacing their desired outcomes from attending the programme.

Phase 2

A two-hour coaching session, to build on the outcomes of the telephone diagnostic and explore individual issues including:

  • Personal Development
  • Chair and Chief Executive relationship, and
  • Issues directly related to the implementation of strategic plans and service reconfiguration proposals

Phase 3

A three-hour joint coaching session at which the outcomes of the individual sessions will be further and jointly explored and a joint action plan agreed.

The three sessions will provide both participants with a detailed understanding of their individual and joint impact at a team and organisational level and provide a means of reviewing ongoing progress throughout the programme and a way to evaluate personal and joint learning.

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Championing innovation and change

Building collaboration and partnership

Sharing leadership

Target audience

Chairs and Chief Executives in Welsh public services.


Academi Wales will fund the costs of key elements of the programme, however, it is expected that participants will fund their own travel, expenses and associated costs.

How to apply

All enquiries contact Governance and Board Leadership.