Well-being of Future Generations Culture Change

Changing the world starting with Wales (and other places)

The world is changing. We are under a lot of pressure. How can we adapt in kind and practical ways?

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Maybe you are already using compassion circles, coproduction or pauses in your daily life or work?  If so, we hope that you will still find something interesting among the Quick Tips.

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Experience is the best way to learn. Ask if you would like to hear more about how to create a community of practice or peer-to-peer network.

Here are some of the things people have said about these new ways of working...

“It feels supportive and valuable. Building this into our work patterns helps us to become more effective.  An opportunity to think more widely and deeply about the work in a neutral, understanding space is most welcome.”

“It generates a good discussion and exchange of ideas, helping us to understand other people’s points of view and think more strategically about how we solve our own challenges, at the same time as linking to wider objectives.”

“I recommend this when you are at the start of a new policy development or at the beginning of implementation or when you are seeking a step change in relationships. You need to trust the process and that isn’t easy.  It helps to have the reassurance and support from someone who has tried it before.”

If you have tried the Culture Change Manual already, please take a few minutes to share your views on our Quick Tips. This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Originally the Academi Wales Culture Change Manual was developed from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Change Programme. The aim of the programme is to help civil servants across Wales to change their behaviour and culture in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Want to discover more about the Welsh Government Sustainable Development Change Programme?

The Act requires everyone who works (as a member of staff, contractor or grant recipient) in over 100 organisations in Wales to work in new ways.

The Culture Change Manual is full of examples of how the Welsh Government is changing its practices, including holding meetings where everyone is heard and ensuring that meetings take only the time needed.

To hear more about the Welsh Government’s Change Programme, you can view a film or listen to a podcast.

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This is the change we are trying to bring about in the civil service. Is this the right change to make? Let us know!

A description of the research work within the programme is available on the Co-production Network Wales Knowledge Base (external link). If you are a researcher who would like to discuss working with us on a basis of reciprocity, please let us know.

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