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Are you...

If so, Quick Tips are for you!

Most of Academi Wales' Quick Tips come from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Change Programme.

The aim of the programme is to help civil servants across Wales to change their behaviour and culture in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The Act requires everyone who works (as a member of staff, contractor or grant recipient) in over 100 organisations in Wales to work in new ways. Quick Tips are easy-to-use guides designed to support these new ways of working.

Everyone in Wales is invited to join us on this journey.

Maybe you are already using compassion circles, coproduction or pauses in your daily life or work?  If so, we hope that you will still find something interesting among the Quick Tips.

Not sure where to start? Why not try one of these four suggestions: The Starter Pack

If you have tried Quick Tips before, please take a few minutes to share your views on our Quick Tips. This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Quick Tips - Usage Poll

What to discover more about the Welsh Government Sustainable Development Change Programme? You can view a film or listen to a podcast. Choose one of the links below.

Where did the Programme begin?

You can download the presentation 367KB.

How is the programme developing? Audit Wales Good Practice Exchange (external link)

What has this got to do with co-production? Wales Co-production Network (external link)

What has this got to do with kindness? Survival of the Kindest (external link)

What has this got to do with mindfulness? Mindfulness Cymru (external link)

What has this got to do with crisis? Audit Wales Good Practice Exchange (external link)

What hast his got to do with collapse scenarios or worst-case predictions? Deep Adaptation and theory U (external link)

This is the change we are trying to bring about in the civil service. Is this the right change to make? Let us know!

A description of the research work within the programme is available on the Co-production Network Wales Knowledge Base (external link). If you are a researcher who would like to discuss working with us on a basis of reciprocity, please let us know.

What to create a similar (but different) Programme for yourselves?

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