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In our most recent annual learner surveys, a number of you asked us for easy-to-use guides that would assist you in continuously developing your management and leadership skills on daily basis.

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This programme forms a key element of the Welsh Government civil service response to the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The initial set of help sheets provided here were created as part of the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Change Programme which began in May 2012 and supports behavioural and culture change among civil servants in the Welsh Government.

An update on the development of the programme is available on the Audit Wales Good Practice Exchange (external link).

Are you attempting to incorporate collapse scenarios into your work? Watch Deep Adaptation and Theory U in Government (external link).

A description of the research work within the programme is available on the Co-production Network Wales Knowledge Base (external link).

The programme also acts as the main link between Wales and the international community of Theory U practitioners (external link). To receive updates on the progress of Theory U in Wales, contact

More information about the programme:

To find out more you can download the presentation 367KB.

For more details about this programme, contact

If you have quick guides for managers or leadership help sheets that you’d like to share, we would be delighted to add these to our site; please email Academi Wales.