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Find out more about us by reading our Annual Report.

Academi Wales is the centre for excellence in leadership and management for public services in Wales. Established in September 2012, Academi Wales is part of the portfolio of the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government.

We seek to build a future for Wales where leadership of our public services is visionary, collaborative, cutting edge and successful in driving improvement in the lives of people living in Wales. We approach our work from a number of learning philosophies including the ideas that we must ‘lead to learn’ and never stop learning to do our jobs, regardless of age or seniority.

We believe that leaders who make the time to adopt a positive approach to their own learning are happier, live their values, understand their personal purpose and achieve greater personal and professional success.

Knowing we need leaders who are optimistic in the face of change and brutally realistic about the scale and bravery needed for success, it is these values in action that make the real difference. We have adopted the Welsh Public Service Values of Working for the Long Term, Always Growing and Improving, Working Together, Treating Everyone with Respect and Putting Citizens First into all our working practices.

Guided by our Advisory Board and the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government, we operate in the space between national priorities and local need. We set the standards for leadership inside the public sector and enable people to work with these to deliver services that really make a difference. We continue to help harness the talent of leaders across a wide range of professional areas and disciplines and are proud to work across all sectors in Wales.

  • Annual report Find out more about us by reading the Academi Wales Annual Report.
    We’re always keen to hear from our partners, stakeholders and customers. For advice, or a discussion on what Academi Wales can deliver, please get in touch.
    Academi Wales Annual Report 2015-16
    Academi Wales Annual Report 2014-15
    Academi Wales Annual Report 2013-14
  • Advisory board The Academi Wales Advisory Board has been established to bring together relevant people willing to use their expertise and experience to advise on the key leadership challenges and opportunities in Wales. Membership is drawn from across the sectors within the public services in Wales and the private sector.
    The Board is there to champion the work of Academi Wales, provide intelligence on key issues, highlight sectoral priorities and use evaluation as evidence for debate, amongst other duties.
    Academi Wales Advisory Board - Terms of Reference