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Senior Leadership Experience

  • Audience:
    Senior leaders in Welsh public service organisations
  • Dates and location:
    Winter 2019 cohort
    South Wales

  • Duration:
    2.5 days (4 sessions over 6 months)
  • Cost:
    £375 + VAT


If you are a dynamic and courageous senior leader, determined to have a wider impact by leading and driving change within a culture of trust and compassion, then this Experience is for you.

The Experience combines diagnostics with personal development feedback and discussion, offering support and challenge in a comprehensive coaching session to deepen personal reflection and learning transfer.

Benefits to you

You will be able to:

... very positive in looking at the next stage change within our service, and my role in this, useful to understand better the organisational culture and how this impacts on my team
Previous participant

  • explore your personal behaviours and leadership styles, team climate, relationships and emotional intelligence
  • identify areas for personal and team growth, and leadership development
  • meet and work with colleagues from other Welsh public services

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Championing innovation and change

Building collaboration and partnership

Sharing leadership

Target audience

Open to senior leaders in Welsh public service organisations who:

  • want to lead through uncertainty, growth and change in their organisations
  • want to re-visit and refine their own assumptions and understanding, to improve their leadership practice
  • lead a minimum of 2-3 people


Activity Winter 2019 cohort
Closing date for applications 2 September 2019
Briefing session (1 hr, online) 9 October 2019
Diagnostics (2 hrs, online) 23 October to 22 November 2019
Profiling and Coaching (1 day) 11 December 2019
Follow-up Coaching (1.5 hrs, by phone) By 5 February 2020
Learning into Action (1 day) 5 March 2020


The Experience costs £375 + VAT. We will require your billing details as part of your application. Please note that should you be awarded a place and then withdraw from the programme, your organisation may be required to pay the full cost.

How to apply

You must be able to take part in all Experience activities, and your application and course fees must be authorised by your line manager and your organisation's OD lead (or equivalent). To apply for a place, please complete the application form.

Applications are closed. For updates and alerts subscribe to our mailing list and tick Senior Leadership Experience.

More information

To find more details about the Experience, please see our detailed information.