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Explore and Walk - Move into the Unknown


We aim to take you through a physical and mindful journey so that you are better able to sustainably adapt yourself and enable others to do the same. We’ll support you to do this by helping you understand the evidence, participating in approaches and then supporting you to regularly practice these.

We aim to create time and space for you to develop your negativity capability through reflection, development and appropriate physical exercise. You will also be supported to find ways of making any changes habitual.

You will be supported prior to the 3 day residential programme with some diagnostics and you’ll be provided with some self-directed learning material. It is important to commit to completing both of these. You will also be provided with an equipment and safety checklist.

At the start of each day, we will work in a group session which will involve supporting you to develop your specific skills and knowledge to meet the learning goals. You will then be able to develop your capabilities and reflect during the day as part of the group whilst moving. During, we will support your development as a group and this will be consolidated during reflective sessions at the end of each day.

Benefits to you

By providing you with a unique environment and opportunities to reflect and develop in a different way, you will be able to:

This was an excellent course which was well led and setup to challenge all participants on a mental, emotional and physical level

  • find ways of developing solutions to solve problems
  • be more creative and transformational in your thinking
  • improve your impact
  • improve your ability to set and reach challenging but achievable goals
  • develop your coaching style
  • improve your mindfulness abilities
  • develop a healthier lifestyle as well as being able to encourage others to do the same
  • build relationships with the group and be able to better build relationships with others

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Building collaboration and partnership

Sharing leadership

Target audience

You need to:

  • be working in the Public Services in Wales
  • want to develop yourself to do improve how you do things
  • want to provide leadership to support and influence others to improve the public services
  • recognise that you are facing more and faster change

How to apply

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Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.

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