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Applied Positive Psychology


This half day session explores the application of positive psychology at work. In the practical and interactive session you will learn to use the evidence-based tools of positive psychology in the workplace.

The idea that success flows from happiness is one of the core principles of positive psychology, this session explores how we can create a happier and more successful workplace.

You will discover:

  • the one, free, daily activity that can increase productivity by up to 35 per cent while at the same time reducing stress and increasing happiness
  • how increasing the ratio of positive comments at work increases productivity
  • why a ‘Growth Mindset’ enables us to give effective feedback that inspires people to achieve their potential
  • that we can design jobs so that people experience more ‘Flow’
  • the 2 key ideas in creating new positive behaviours and productive habits that can last a lifetime

Benefits to you

You will be able to:

  • apply the principles of positive psychology at work
  • increase your own and others happiness, satisfaction and success at work through practical daily activities
  • develop a better positive comment ratio at work
  • give more effective feedback that creates the Growth Mindset
  • design jobs and tasks to increase the experience of Flow
  • create new and lasting positive behaviours for yourself and others

Leadership behaviours

This learning programme will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

Learning and self-awareness

Drive and resilience

Building collaboration and partnership

Political awareness and skill

Sharing leadership

Target audience

Open to all public and third sector staff in Wales.

How to apply

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Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.

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